In 2013, it all started with a simple “SOUTH WEST ATLANTA” sweatshirt designed and created by Atlanta, GA native Tony Cruver. Tony made this particular shirt with the help of his mother, Pacita Cruver (a seamstress), to wear at his 10 year high school class reunion. The shirt was so popular amongst his peers, he decided to create Cruvie Clothing Co. so that others around the World could experience the pride felt from repping your hometown in a timeless design like no other…we’ve coined as the “Cruvie Tight-Knit” design.


The simple yet impactful design was inspired by the white terry cloth training robe worn by the legendary boxer/activist Muhammad Ali. This design consisted of block lettering laid out with the top word in an arch and the second word centered straight across underneath the arch. Tony’s first shirt design consisted of three word layers, all centered with the top word in an arch and the bottom word in an inverted arch. He named the design layout the Cruvie “Tight-Knit” design to unify and tie communities all over the world together through clothing.


Cruvie’s mission is to inspire positive community pride through clothing connecting us all together. By unifying during these times we will create a unique view of a fundamental truth - we are all one. Together, we can fuel love in a hurting culture the was designed to embrace the well-being of all.