Project UPLIFT: "Still Standing" Campaign


Project UPLIFT: "Still Standing" Campaign

We Are Still Standing.
With a growing number of homeless individuals, Atlanta is a city in need. The Cruvie Clothing Company has found a way to give a little bit of hope to those sleeping in the streets of Atlanta.
This "Still Standing" campaign is the first charitable movement by the new clothing company. The campaign is focused on increasing the unity of the southern city by showing to the most down trodden that optimism can go a long way in the face of despair. The Cruvie crew went to the streets of Atlanta to begin this campaign by handing out simple, uplifting signs to some of the city’s many homeless people.



One side of the sign says "Still Standing" and the other simply says "Thankful". Optimism is hard in the best of times; it’s almost impossible in the worst.  Being thankful when faced with despair can be possible with simple acts of hope. Tony Cruver, the creator of the new clothing company, began this campaign because he hopes to inspire his generation "to join in and develop more creative ideas that will help fuel positivity into our future generations." The smiles on the faces of the homeless that experienced the first leg of the "Still Standing" campaign prove that the efforts of the Cruvie Clothing company are already making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.



The simple two-word phrase "Still Standing" resonates with strength and inspiration and gives those holding the signs as well as those driving by, just a little bit of hope. Sometimes that's all a person needs in order to see how blessed they are to still be alive despite how desperate life may seem. Cruvie Clothing company focused on this powerful saying because it shows there can be love for life even while enduring the worst of it.
If you’d like to help contribute to the "Still Standing" campaign and spread positivity around the streets of Atlanta or in your city, email to learn more and/or click below to donate!


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