One World Today Changing Lives


One World Today Changing Lives

Access to education can transform lives, communities, nations and ultimately the world.  Today, 126 million children are denied access to primary and lower secondary schooling. Of the 126 million children, 65 million are young girls.  In Sub-Saharan Africa alone, nearly four out of five poor rural girls are not afforded the opportunity to complete primary school.

The One World Today (OWT) organization understands these chilling facts and are working hard to change the educational habits that exist in Africa. OWT has made it their mission to connect young Ugandan girls who are being denied the right to an education with supporters who recognize the value of educating women of the world.

On June 12th, the One World Today team travelled back to Uganda to visit with the girls and to check in with their teachers. With the help of sponsors, they were able to purchase much-needed supplies to support the girls while they continue on their educational journey.

The Cruvie Clothing Co. partnered with OWT to create special Tight-Knit designed t-shirts to take to Uganda. The ‘One World Today’ t-shirts were specifically designed to be bold and to display all the love associated with the OWT organization. 

To aid OWT with their cause, Cruvie Clothing Co. has made the special ‘One World Today T-shirt’ available to the public.  For every ‘One World Today’ t-shirt sold, Cruvie Clothing Co. will donate $5 to the OWT organization.  Click here to purchase the ‘One World Today’ t-shirt and play your part in helping these young girls gain access to the education they deserve.  



 The One World Today Team on their way to Uganda - L to R: Roxanne Turner, Jerome Touchstone, Brittany Burnside


 OWT's secondary school girls along with the deputy head mistress and OWT employee.


 Jerome hanging out with the Ugandan kids in the area.


 Deputy head mistress and her former student (now a proud OWT employee).




Roxanne and Brittany visiting a local shopkeeper who is a recipient of Silver Upholders, a micofinance company that provides small loans to women.





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